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The company claims it builds electric bikes along the lines of the German automotive industry and aims to provide its riders with the same premium riding experience.

Fahrbike's current models already have innovative solutions like a bike frame with unconventional tubing called the 3D-frame.

Fahrbike's new type of frame is made to make the bike more stable and easier to service than regular e-bikes.

Fahrbike doesn't make all e-bikes the same but designs each model to fit the specific needs of each riding scenario and riding style.

Whether someone is interested in sustainable commuting, a fun stylish ride, or is looking for a thrill on the trail, Fahrbike has its own model of e-bikes to fit all needs.

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Fahrbike UrbanCarry Pro Family Cargo eBike
Fahrbike UrbanCarry Pro Family Cargo eBike

Fahrbike UrbanCarry Pro Family Cargo eBike

Regular price $1,199.00
Sale price $1,199.00 Regular price $1,299.00

Fahrbike UrbanCarry Mini Cargo Utility eBike
Fahrbike UrbanCarry Mini Cargo Utility eBike

Fahrbike UrbanCarry Mini Cargo Utility eBike

Regular price $1,099.00
Sale price $1,099.00 Regular price $1,299.00

  • 20 Mph

    Top Speed

  • 1000 W

    Max Power

  • 90 N·m

    Top Torque

  • 500 Lbs

    Max Payload

  • 40~60 MILES

    Max Range

  • 12 Degrees

    Top Grade


Fahrbike Cruz

Taking the Fahrbike Cruz electric bike out on some metal detecting adventures.
These are my first impressions of the Cruz, and what I think about the bike so far.
A compact step through E Bike.

LA Hover Bikes


Fahrbike Terra

"You can feel the power kicking in. There are a lot of bikes that have 750 Watt motor and 48Ah battery but I only got a few bikes that can go over 22 miles per hour and this is one of them. I truly enjoy this kind of bikes. "


Fahrbike Roadster 73 Review

FahrBike Terra Review

Fahrbike Bolt Review

  • KH
    Krystiana Hoehn February 26, 2023


    Bike was damaged by FedEx but Customer Service was on it! They're sending me new parts to repair (I'll figure it out) and CS is super responsive. Love the color of this bike (like a light turquoise) , seat height is perfect so far (haven't ridden it because the tire is flat and I need some parts), And I'm 5'8" but it feels comfy, didn't think I would like the higher handlebars but they feel better than hunching over. Can't wait to get it up and running!!!

  • VC
    Vickie Chevrette April 6, 2023


    This bike exceeded my expectations with its amazing features and incredibly low price. As a senior citizen, I did a lot of research before purchasing my first e-bike, looking for reasonable prices, great reviews, and most importantly, excellent customer service. Let's face it: no matter how nice or reasonably priced a product is, without great customer service, it's all a waste of money.

  • S
    Shawn April 23, 2023


    This bike is awesome ,comes almost fully assembled. The ride is comfortable and handles nicely from road to trail.It's a fairly large and tall bike. I am 5'8 and have no problemsI live close to a rail to trail so I ride the to the trail up and down a couple steep streets to get to their. The bike tackles them all even with me being on the heavier side around 250. Round trips is around 35 miles and bike still has juice left.I have also towed my kids in a stroller with no problem .

  • MD
    Linah September 6, 2023


    One of the best

    This e-bike is well-built,very study, and easy to ride, I just love it.

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