E-Bike Basics

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Battery-powered bike buying guide

What does ride an electric bike feel like?

The experience of riding an e-bike is like riding a traditional bicycle-only better. The electric bicycle is equipped with a battery-powered electric motor with long battery life, which can provide proportional assistance according to the strength of the pedal and the assistance level you choose.

With five settings to switch, you can ride as easily as you want, or simply glide at 15 miles per hour! In addition to power pedal assistance, Fahrbike electric bicycles also have an easy-to-use manual shift system that allows you to change gears just like on a regular bicycle.

All Fahrbike electric bicycles provide smooth, fun riding and reduce fatigue. With a powerful battery that lasts up to 60 miles on a single charge, you can go faster and farther. In addition, it can flatten the hills and help you pass traffic easily. When charging is required, the easily removable (but lockable) battery can be inserted into any place with electricity.

There are two models to choose from, and you can find the electric bike that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a hassle-free city commute, a leisurely short trip around town, or a pass for on-road and off-road adventure, finding the best electric bike is as easy as riding a bicycle.

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Simple electric bike basics

The experience of riding an electric bicycle is like riding a traditional bicycle, it will only be better. Electric bicycles provide proportional assistance based on how hard you step on the pedal and the assist mode you are in, so you are always in full control. The electric power assist device makes it easier for you to step on the pedal, allowing you to go farther and faster more easily and more easily.

In addition to power assistance, Fahrbike electric bicycles also have an easy-to-use manual shift system that allows you to change gears just like on a regular bicycle. Remember, the lower the number, the easier it is to step on. Always shift gears when pedaling forward, but avoid shifting gears when working at full power.

The braking of electric bicycles is also similar to that of traditional bicycles. The left joystick operates the front brake, and the right joystick operates the rear brake. The front and rear brake balance provides the most controllable braking force in dry conditions, but the front brakes should be used with caution when traction is low. Familiarize yourself with brake operation at low speeds in a familiar environment.

Assist level explained

Every ride is a unique adventure, so Fahrbike electric bikes are equipped with multiple levels of assistance, allowing you to choose the best level of assistance for your ride. Fahrbike Cruz provides five levels of assistance and walking assistance modes. Level 1 provides the least assistance, while level 5 provides the most assistance.

Fahrbike electric bicycle models are also equipped with a throttle, so once you start, you can use electric assist by simply pressing the throttle with your left thumb instead of pedaling.

Easy to carry cargo on rides!

Your Fahrbike Bolt makes it easier than ever to give up your car and choose an active mode of transportation. Whether you use an electric bike to walk a few blocks to the grocery store or commute more than 50 miles a day, here are some simple tips to help you carry your gear.

The standard rear rack of the Fahrbike Bolt comes with a rear rack for carrying equipment. If you are commuting, or often need to carry a heavier load, such as groceries, then it makes sense to invest in a quality suitcase. They convert the potential of the rear rack into a powerful cargo capacity, so you can safely use your bicycle to transport larger items.

Want to take the kids with them, but they haven't ride the horses yet? For children weighing less than 110 pounds, a traditional rear-mounted child seat may be a good choice. The disadvantage of the child seat is that the child sits high, which has a greater impact on the handling of the bicycle.

The safety notice

Your Fahrbike electric bike is the ultimate vacation vehicle, but before you ride, make sure to consider safety. Be sure to wear a helmet, preferably a helmet designed to increase the speed of an electric bicycle. Almost all high-quality helmet series offer specific models of electric bicycles in various prices, styles and colors.

The standard front and rear lights on Fahrbike electric bicycles are designed to improve your sight and ability to be seen in the dark or in harsh conditions. For maximum safety, we recommend that you always use the lights when riding on public roads.

Riding on roads with less traffic is safer and usually more enjoyable, so look for routes close to the main streets when cycling in cities. Many cities and towns now have bike lanes and/or street bike lanes, so be sure to consider these options.

Tips for charging your Fahrbike

Charging the battery is the life of every electric bike rider. As the power source of the motor system, the battery is the key to achieving the maximum range and performance of your Fahrbike electric bicycle. With this in mind, we provide some tips to keep your battery charged and in top condition.

1) Keep charged – We make it easy for you to take out the battery and charge it, and it only takes a few hours to fully charge. Get in the habit of charging the battery immediately after each ride, it is always ready for your next ride.

2) Carry a data cable-if you commute frequently, please consider purchasing an additional charging cable to put it in your work/destination or cycling bag.

3) Storage precautions-Fully charge the battery before any storage. If you store your bicycle in a garage or shed, it is best to remove the battery and store it in a house or other temperature-controlled environment. Exposure to very hot or very cold temperatures can affect battery performance and/or shorten its service life.

Don't let a dead battery weaken your enthusiasm for riding out. Keep charged, you will always be happy!