After Knee Surgery: E-Bike Tips

After Knee Surgery: E-Bike Tips

Let's be real here. Although knee surgery is unpleasant, it is occasionally essential. The knee joint, one of our most important joints, is vulnerable to a wide range of conditions, especially as we become older. Our knees carry out a lot of the labor and endure a lot of the strain that we subject our bodies to. The knee is a common area for needed surgeries and replacements due to high-impact sports and demanding daily exercise.

Whether you require a total knee replacement, also known as a TKR, or you merely underwent a knee arthroscopy to examine the condition of your knee, it may be scary or impossible to resume your previous routine and reap the rewards of daily cycling for 30 minutes. Here, consistency is key to winning the race. You also can't go wrong by including the e-bike as a new tool in your toolbox. Using an electric bike is one of the most popular ways individuals decide to start exercising again following knee surgery, for several reasons we'll go through.

Prior to e-cycling after knee surgery, consult your doctor.

Regardless of the operation you underwent, it is best to establish a recovery plan with your physician. Only a qualified physician can advise you on when and how much exercise you can resume following surgery, and much of the plan will rely on how you do, which you won't be able to predict until you begin. The good news is that numerous knee procedures have been performed on millions of people who have recovered completely.

Patience and persistence are the two most crucial components of a successful knee surgery recovery. Your knee needs time to heal. If you try to push yourself too hard too soon, you will only prolong your recuperation, worsen your pain, or run the danger of reinjuring the knee. The perseverance element will be covered in the following section when we talk about physical therapy as part of the rehabilitation process. If you sustain any new injuries while cycling, consult your doctor.

The Procedure for Mounting a Bike Again

After knee surgery, there are three main stages to follow before riding a bike again. Professional physical therapy, stationary riding, and lastly bicycle riding outside are the three steps.

You regain your range of motion through physical treatment (often abbreviated as ROM). Different motions are required when the knee recovers to help it settle and conform back to its rightful place in your body. You are encouraged to move once more during physical therapy with the help of a qualified professional. It strengthens the area around your knee to shield it.

Indoor stationary riding can be done after physical treatment, or in the latter stages of it for some persons. A stable stationary bike is best because your initial balance won't be as good. This can take place in an indoor gym or under the supervision of a therapist. Making sure you cycle slowly will prevent you from overworking yourself at initially. Set the seat such that your knees are only slightly bent and your feet can just barely touch the pedals. You can gradually raise the intensity or resistance of the stationary bike as you ride it over the course of several days and weeks.

Use an e-bike with a high level of pedal assistance to give outside riding a try once you have been given the all-clear by a physician or physical therapist. After months of being unable to ride outside, this low-impact workout will feel amazing and is well worth the wait. At first, avoid trying to ride on any dirt or rocky trails. Start by staying on the paved, flat ground.

This meticulous strategy for getting back on the bike has been demonstrated numerous times. Do not rush. During physical therapy, both legs' strength will be developed. Taking back control of your equilibrium will be beneficial during physical therapy. On the stationary bike, you will regain your confidence. And a wonderful reward for all your hard work will be riding outside.

Stretch and Warm Up

You'll want to maintain it once you have full control and range of motion in your knees. Not just before exercise, but also on a daily basis, stretching is crucial. Before engaging in any cardio, warm up by generally moving. Try lunges, high kicks, or air squats using nothing but your body weight. Because one of your legs will initially be stronger than the other and may require more stretching, don't forget to warm up your hips. Before starting any long rides, do a leisurely lap around the neighborhood. To increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping through your body in preparation for a ride, try yoga or beginner Zoomba.

Which Brand of E-Bike is Best for Knee Surgery?

After knee surgery, we know how to go back on the bike, but which e-bike is ideal for this endeavor? According to our experience, the safest and most convenient bike to ride after surgery is a step-through model resembling a moped, such as the Fahrbike Cruz-Step or Fahrbike Terra-Step. The low entrance point makes it simple to board the bike without having to lift or extend your leg as far. The simpler it is to mount the bike, the better, as your balance may still be impaired. In a previous comparison of Step-Thru Cargo ebikes, we found that the Fahrbike Cruz-Step is the best option for the majority of users.

Other Fahrbike e-bike models have a step-through frame. The high payload capacity and dual suspension of the Fahrbike Bolt ensure you can take any amount of products and extra weight with you while still achieving maximum comfort. 

Even a temporary setback like knee surgery shouldn't make you give up on your dreams. You can get back on your e-bike quickly by using these time-tested advice. Keep in mind to adhere to the doctor's instructions on your recovery plan, and contact them if you feel any unexpected pain or discomfort. Keep up with all of your physical therapy appointments and work with your therapist to gradually regain mobility. Get back into riding by using a stationary bike, and when you're ready, try an e-bike for its advantages for people recovering from knee surgery.

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