Buyer's Guide for E-Bike Locks

Buyer's Guide for E-Bike Locks

Theft prevention is an important topic for nearly all bike owners, but e-bike riders are particularly vulnerable when it comes to bike security. Recent studies show that e-bikes are three times more likely to be stolen than traditional bikes. Surprisingly, many new e-bike owners do not buy a sufficient, high-quality bike lock along with their new bike. Riders may get lucky once or twice without locking up their e-bike, but the odds are stacked against them. If you do not consistently use a suitable lock to secure your e-bike, it will be stolen.

When leaving your bike unattended in an unsecured area, it is critical that you lock it. It is also critical to select the proper lock. Remember that no lock is indestructible, but a cheap lock acts as a homing device for e-bike thieves, letting them know that your e-bike will be easier to steal. As a result, it's critical to use high-security locks, which may be more expensive but will better protect your investment. Here's a breakdown of the three main types of bike locks, as well as our top pick in each category.


Pros: U-locks, also known as "D-locks," are ideal for riders who are concerned about adding weight to their ride. Most U-locks are light and compact, and they come with mounts that can be attached to the frame of your e-bike for easier storage. This type of lock is thicker than chain or folding locks, making it more difficult for thieves to cut through. U-locks are another excellent secondary lock that can be used to secure your wheel to the bike frame.

Cons: Depending on the size of your U-lock, locking your e-bike to certain objects may be difficult. To assist with this, we recommend using two locks whenever possible. However, if you use a U-lock as your primary lock, you may want to consider a heavier chain lock for added versatility.

Fahr's Recommendation: The Abus U-lock 440 Alarm is a great compact U-lock that also has a built-in alarm.

The Chain Lock

Chain locks provide a high level of security while also being extremely versatile. These locks can be used on the e-bike in a variety of locations and positions. There is also a wide range of chain locks available, some with padlocks and keys and others with combination locks, providing riders with more options. Chain locks are usually cloth-wrapped to protect your electric bike from scratches.

The disadvantage is that it all comes down to weight. If you've been riding e-bikes for a while, you're aware that weight plays a significant role in determining the expected range of your e-battery. bike's This could add 9-15 lbs to your gear depending on the length and toughness of your chain lock. For the average rider, this isn't a big deal.

Fahr's Recommendation: A combination chain lock is a good choice because you won't lose your keys. For a heavy-duty yet simple-to-use lock, consider the ABUS Tresor 1385/110 Combo.

Folding Lock

Pros: Folding locks are incredibly small and usually come with mounts that can be attached to your e-bike for easy storage. Because of their flexibility, these are slightly more versatile than U-locks while remaining relatively lightweight.

Cons: Because its pins are relatively easy to drill through, this type of lock typically provides the least protection. You may be limited in what you can lock your e-bike to depending on the length of your folding lock. These are an excellent secondary lock for public areas, but if you are unsure what you will be locking your bike to, you should have a heavy-duty chain or u-lock on hand.

Fahr's Recommendation: Get a lightweight mountable option, such as the Abus Bordo 6100 Combo. Again, no keys to lose, and enough length to wrap around various areas of the e-bike.

The most important accessory for all e-bike owners, aside from a helmet, is at least ONE dependable, heavy-duty bike lock. If you want even more security, use two locks: one to secure your front wheel and e-bike frame to the bike rack and another to secure the e-bike frame to the rack. Remember that using cheap locks gives thieves an even better chance of stealing your e-bike. Protect your investment by getting a better and higher-security rated bike lock. If you know someone who rides an e-bike, one of the best things they can find in their stocking this holiday season is a new high-quality lock.


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