Exploring UrbanCarry Pro and UrbanCarry Mega: A Comprehensive Comparison


As the world embraces sustainable transportation, cargo eBikes have become a popular choice for urban dwellers seeking eco-friendly and efficient commuting solutions. In this blog, we'll delve into two remarkable options - the UrbanCarry Pro and the UrbanCarry Mega. Join us on a journey to explore their features, highlighting both the similarities and differences that set them apart in the realm of cargo eBikes.


UrbanCarry Pro: A Closer Look


Motor Power and Performance

The heart of the UrbanCarry Pro is its 750w sustained motor, providing a zippy 28 MPH speed. With a 48v Rear Hub and a Twist Throttle, this cargo eBike offers a seamless and powerful riding experience. The LCD keeps you informed, while the 48V, 15Ah battery ensures a substantial range of up to 40 miles.


Structural Design and Components

Crafted from Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy, the frame of UrbanCarry Pro is both robust and lightweight. Its suspension fork with 60mm travel enhances comfort, and the hydraulic brakes guarantee responsive stopping power. The step-through frame style, front and rear lights, and included fenders make it an ideal choice for cargo or family use.


Noteworthy Features

The UrbanCarry Pro boasts a range of features, including a central kickstand, a sealed bearing headset, and a dropper seatpost for added convenience. The 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur and 20 x 3.0 tires contribute to its versatility, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for riders ranging from 4'11" to 6'3".


UrbanCarry Mega: Unveiling the Powerhouse


Dominant Motor and Velocity

Stepping up, the UrbanCarry Mega commands attention with its 1000w sustained motor and the same 28 MPH speed as its counterpart. The 48V, 15Ah battery, and Twist Throttle ensure a consistent and energetic performance, making it an appealing option for cargo enthusiasts.


Robust Structure and Unique Features

Constructed from Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy, the Mega is slightly heavier but boasts a rigid fork for enhanced stability. Mechanical brakes, a 6-speed Shimano rear derailleur, and 20 x 4.0 tires give it a distinctive edge. The frame style and included accessories align with cargo-specific needs.


Standout Attributes

The Mega stands out with an 80 N·m torque, providing impressive power for cargo hauling. The dropper seatpost, sealed bearing headset, and durable construction make it suitable for riders between 4'11" and 6'3". The inclusion of a storage bag adds practicality to its design.


Similarities and Differences


Power and Range

Both the UrbanCarry Pro and Mega share identical motor power, speed, and battery capacity, ensuring a comparable riding experience. With a range of up to 40 miles, these cargo eBikes promise efficiency and reliability for daily commuting.


Weight Limits and Frame Styles

While the UrbanCarry Pro supports a maximum weight of 500 lbs and features a step-through frame, the Mega can accommodate up to 550 lbs with a step-through frame design. These variations cater to diverse user needs, offering flexibility in usage.


Brake Systems and Rear Derailleur

A notable difference lies in the brake systems and rear derailleur. The Pro boasts hydraulic brakes and a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur, providing smoother and more precise control. In contrast, the Mega features mechanical brakes and a 6-speed Shimano rear derailleur, focusing on durability and simplicity.


Conclusion: Choosing Your Ideal Cargo Companion

In the world of cargo eBikes, the UrbanCarry Pro and Mega emerge as strong contenders, each with its unique features. The decision between the two ultimately depends on your preferences and specific needs. Whether you prioritize a lighter frame with advanced braking or seek a powerhouse with robust construction, UrbanCarry has you covered.


Make Your Choice, Embrace the Ride!

In conclusion, the UrbanCarry Pro and Mega redefine cargo biking, catering to different preferences while sharing a commitment to quality and sustainability. Take the plunge into the world of versatile and eco-conscious commuting – your cargo adventures await!

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