Fahrbike eBikes Price Increase: Secure Your Ride Before Costs Rise!

Fahrbike eBikes Price Increase: Secure Your Ride Before Costs Rise!

Upcoming Price Increase for Fahrbike eBikes

Starting June 10th, Fahrbike eBikes prices will rise. The increase ranges from $50 to $200 across various models. If you have been considering a purchase, now is the time to act!

UrbanCarry Mega Longtail Cargo eBikeFahrbike UrbanCarry Mega Longtail Cargo eBike

The UrbanCarry Mega Longtail Cargo eBike will soon cost $1,199. This model offers exceptional utility and durability for all your cargo needs. Its current price at $999 presents a great opportunity for a substantial saving.

UrbanCarry Pro Family Cargo eBikefahrbike ebike

Prepare for a price hike on the UrbanCarry Pro Family Cargo eBike. The new price will be $1,299. This eBike is perfect for family outings and daily commutes. Buying now at $1,199 means you avoid paying the higher price later.

Roadster73 Plus Moped-Style eBikefahrbike ebike

The Roadster73 Plus Moped-Style eBike will see its price increase to $1,499. This stylish and powerful model is ideal for those seeking both speed and comfort. Purchasing at $1,449 before the price rise can save you a significant amount of money.

Terra All-Terrain Fat Tire eBikefahrbike ebike

The Terra All-Terrain Fat Tire eBike will soon cost $1,099. This versatile eBike is designed for all types of terrain, making it perfect for adventure enthusiasts. By ordering now, you can secure this model at its current, lower price at $999.

Act Now to Save

Don’t hesitate to place your order before prices go up. With the upcoming price increase, acting quickly can result in significant savings. Each model offers unique features suited to different needs, and buying now ensures you get the best deal.

Make your purchase today and enjoy the benefits of a Fahrbike eBike without the added cost!

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